Cello Case in Carbon Fibre


40% Off

Click to view the choice of Case Linings, Carbon Fibre Finishes or Leather Finishes

Cello Case in Carbon Fibre


40% Off

Click to view the choice of Case Linings, Carbon Fibre Finishes or Leather Finishes


Genuine Carbon Fibre Cello Case sandwiched with a solid foam core for added rigidity, lightness and insulation. The inside of the case is lined with lightweight foam for added insulation.

Standard finish is black base with a light shading in dark blue. The lid section is white to reflect heat from the outer shell of the case. The black carbon fibre is finished with textured varnish which marks less easily than gloss.

Additional colour options, available at extra cost

Lid and base the same colour:

  • White
  • Black with blue tint
  • Black with orange tint
  • Black with red tint
  • Black only

White lid with coloured base:

  • Lid white, base black with blue tint
  • Lid white, base black with orange tint
  • Lid white lid, base black with red tint

White base with coloured lid:

  • Lid black with red tint, base white
  • Lid black with blue tint, base white
  • Lid black with orange tint, base white.

The new interior design supports the instrument at its strongest points.

Snap-over catches magnetise instantly into the closing position and just require a firm push to lock down. The case perimeter features a unique waterproof sealing system, which also enhances the integrity of the case.

Accessories Supplied
Supplied with two shoulder straps with two integral pads. The shoulder pads are fixed in order to stop the pads from sliding. Secured to case by use of split ring fixings and anchored to positions above the shoulders for maximum comfort.

Additional Items

  • Internal string bag
  • Internal leather accessory bag
  • Spare adjustable padding/blocking to ensure a perfect fit.

The case is supported by a “Lifetime free overhaul service”.

Delivery time
We are currently working from a waiting list. If we have this in stock we will send within two weeks of receiving payment. For custom orders we will let you know the delivery time once the order has been processed. If you would like to know when you could receive a case or if it is in stock, please email us: sales@wisemancases.com for the current waiting time.


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