Introducing the Wiseman Golf Range

Golf around the world in style with our Flight Case and Golf Bag. The ultimate protection for the travelling golfer.

Wiseman Golf Flight Case

How do you travel around the world with your prized golf clubs, without them being damaged or lost in transit?

The answer is the Wiseman Flight Case.

Made from the finest, high-grade carbon fibre, this offers you not only the ultimate in protection for your clubs, it’s incredibly versatile and comes with the Wiseman Lifetime Guarantee!

Whether you’re a touring professional or a travelling amateur, there’s enough room for a full set of clubs and enough clothes for a couple of days, with some extra storage room to spare!

What’s more, it’s the ideal place to keep your dirty washing separate from your clean clothes!

  • Comes with the Wiseman Lifetime Guarantee on craftsmanship
  • Carbon Fibre offers an extremely lightweight and crush-resistant shell that is ten times stronger than its own weight in steel.
  • Unique slim-line and compact appearance means this is not instantly recognisable to contain golfing equipment, reducing the appeal for theft
  • Instantly detachable shock-absorbing wheels are built into the design, operating across the wide axis of the base providing you with superb stability and handling. These are also available in different colours
  • The case itself weighs approximately 19lb (8.5kg) so there’s plenty of scope for clubs, shoes and other items of clothing or accessories, before hitting the excess baggage limit
  • Our locking system means it is impossible to open by accident
  • Five leather handles are softly padded for your comfort and are designed to partly detach if snagged when moving through an airport baggage system, without causing damage to the case itself, or losing the handle.
  • The water-proof seal is sandwiched between the two halves of the case when closed to protect both the interior and the contents from moisture and the ingress of water.
  • Fully adjustable carbon leather strapping on the interior holds the golf bag securely in place lengthwise to avoid any pressure on the clubs
  • Supplied with a tracking device, giving you the option to place it either in the flight case or the golf bag itself, it enables you to locate the case within seconds on google maps through an App on your smartphone or computer.
  • The case is available in a wide range of colours
  • The case can also be personalised with your initials, crest or logo.
  • The Wiseman flight case has been specifically designed to cope with the rigours of airport travel and baggage handling systems.
  • Manufactured from the Highest-grade Carbon Fibre
  • Stainless steel marine-grade locks
  • Carbon leather strapping
  • Lined with a crushed velvet interior in a choice of colours
  • Length: 128cm / 50.5 inches
  • Width: 41cm / 16 inches
  • Depth: 52cm / 20.5 inches

Wiseman Golf Bag

The Wiseman golf bag is extremely versatile and constructed from ‘carbon leather’ for incredible strength and is able to accommodate a full range of 14 clubs.

The unique manufacturing process of this material means that this leather offers up to 5 times the strength of standard leathers.

  • Comes with the Wiseman lifetime guarantee
  • The bag is divided into 6 slots to accommodate the clubs which extend to the bottom of the case limiting the movement of the clubs
  • 4 detachable storage pockets of varying size allow you to customise your bag for the day ahead
  • High quality, long lasting velcro used on all fastenings and no zippers are used
  • Space for a full range of clubs including drivers
  • There are 4 lightweight bars that run the length of the case for additional strength
  • This bag comes complete with an umbrella housing
  • D-ring for clipping on accessories such as a rangefinder
  • 2 padded carbon leather handles for ease of comfort
  • Adjustable grab handle for additional stability when carrying the bag on your shoulder
  • Thickly padded carbon leather shoulder strap and pad which is fully adjustable and with a grippy leather underside stopping the bag from slipping off your shoulder
  • There is a solid lightweight band within the design at the top and bottom of the bag making this highly suitable for use on any golf cart
  • There are 4 highly durable rubber studs on the underside of the bag giving excellent stability when standing on a level surface
  • This bag weighs only 3.5lbs without the 2 larger pockets and 5lbs in total
  • Carbon leather
  • Diameter: 20cm / 8 inch
  • Length: 84cm / 33 inches