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Extra Small Triple Clarinet Carbon Fibre Case


Extremely small, light-weight hard case for any three specified soprano clarinets. Every joint can be bedded in velvet-covered routed foam beds, utilising both halves of the case, with a thick velvet/foam pad lid covereing each half or suspended.

Embedded or suspended?

With many instruments, there is the option to either support them/each joint in a velvet-covered foam rubber bed, with a soft cushion on top,  or to suspend each joint/s in the same shock-absorbing materials, but held from each end.

Suspended has the advantage of ensuring that all keywork hangs in open space and does not even require a cushion to sit on top of the mechanism.

Embedding the joints is well worth considering where extremely high levels of insulation are needed to protect against severe temperature changes.

With either system, Wiseman ensure that there is no pressure on any keywork and that the mechanism is free as if playing the instrument.

If you have any questions or need any advice on this matter, then do please contact us.

Very strong, extremely light, hard case.

Images show Carbon Fibre Quad Clarinet Case- Triple Clarinet case will minus a Clarinet and will replace it with Storage.

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Size and weight
apprx 3 lbs apprx 1.25kgs
7 in diameter x 22 in length

Accessories Supplied
Supplied with two thick leather straps and padded non-slip leather shoulder pads. The shoulder pads are fixed into the buckle of the leather shoulder straps to stop the pads from sliding.

Detachable A3 sized leather music pocket poppers onto the outside of the case.

1 x A3 size leather music pocket
1 x pair of music pocket extensions ( for carrying large amounts of music)
2 x padded non-slip leather shoulder pads
2 x thick leather shoulder straps.

Delivery time:
We are currently working from a waiting list. If we have this in stock, then we will send within two weeks of receiving payment. If you have ordered a different-coloured leather (other than black) then this is a custom order and we will let you know the delivery time once the order has been processed. If you would like to know when you could receive a case, or if it is in stock, then please do email us: sales@wisemancases.com and we can provide you with the current waiting time.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 55.9 × 17.8 cm
Carbon fibre colour

Black (standard – Unlacquered), Black Lacquered, Blue Lacquered, Chess Lacquered, Chess Matte Lacquered, Green Lacquered, Red Lacquered, Titanium Lacquered, Titanium Unlacquered, White Lacquered

Leather Handle & Shoulder Pad

Black Leather, Burgundy Leather, Dark Brown Leather, Dark Green Leather, Gun Metal Grey Leather, Light (Tan) Brown Leather, Mustang Brown Leather, Navy Blue Leather, Orange Leather, Pink Leather, Purple Leather, Red Croc Leather, Red Leather, Royal Blue Leather, White Leather, Yellow Leather

Stitching Colour

Black Stitching, Claret Stitching, Cream Stitching, Dark Blue Stitching, Dark Brown Stitching, Dark Green Stitching, Light Brown Stitching, Light Green Stitching, Light Pink Stitching, Medium Brown Stitching, Orange Stitching, Pink Stitching, Purple Stitching, Red Stitching, Teal Stitching, White Stitching, Yellow Stitching

Lining colour

Black/Gold, Blue/Red, Charcoal/Red, Claret, Dark Blue, Green/Red, Red/Green

Internal lay-out

Embedded, Suspeneded

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