• Bass/Tenor Carbon Fibre Trombone Case

    Bass Trombone case: Size and Weight: Length is exactly 3 ft. , the larger end is an oval that is 13.5” wide  and 11.5” deep. The case tapers down to 13.5” wide but only 7” deep. Weight approx 6-7 lb   Tenor Trombone Case: Size and Weight: Size and Weight: Length is 36.75 inches , the larger end is an oval that is 10.25” wide  and 9.5” deep. The case tapers down to 10.25” wide but only 6.25” deep. Weight approx 6-7 lb. Accessories Supplied Supplied with two thick leather straps and padded non-slip leather shoulder pads. The shoulder pads are fixed into the buckle of the leather shoulder straps to stop the pads from sliding. 1 x A3 size leather music pocket 1 x pair of music pocket extensions ( for carrying large amounts of music) 2 x padded non-slip leather shoulder pads 2 x thick leather shoulder straps Delivery time To be confirmed on application. Tenor & Bass Trombone cases are all made to special order. Please do contact us with any special requirements or enquiries.
  • Bass/Tenor Trombone Case

    Designed to be very compact, supremely strong, but very light-weight trombone cases.  These cases are designed to offer the highest level of protection whilst offering the compactness and lightness offered by the wide range of semi-hard cases already on the market. These cases are designed to give maximum protection both in terms of a strong exterior crush resistant shell and also the suspension and security for the instrument inside the case. Complete with shoulder straps ( back-pack straps), detachable hip belt, music pocket and a very secure spot inside the case where a music stand can be strapped into place. Everything required by the musician can be safely and securely housed in one space. Wiseman trombone cases can only be ordered directly from us by email and an invoice will be sent to you once we have discussed your precise requirements. Extremely strong hard case.

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